Why I Support Independent Schools on #GivingTuesday

I was fortunate to spend 13 years at the Bancroft School as a student and the last three-plus years at The Rivers School as a member of the faculty and staff. In that time I have both seen and felt the impact independent schools have on their students and that is why I give back to the schools that have given so much to me each year.At Bancroft, I was given skills that I wouldn’t come to appreciate until years after I graduated. Critical thinking and writing sit atop the list, but beyond those particular skills, I was given confidence from teachers who would not let me fail, coaches who pushed me to be better, and friends who came to know me through four-, seven-, or 13-year relationships. I was cheered when things were at their best and supported when things were at their worst. For all of these things, I will always be incredibly thankful.

But it wasn’t until I started working at Rivers that I came to know how important it was to give back. With tuition numbers continuing to climb, the importance of annual giving and support of an independent school’s endowment has never been more important. Despite the sticker shock that accompanies many schools’ tuition numbers, that number typically only accounts for 75-85 percent of what it actually costs to run a school and educate its students. The support a school receives from the annual fund is what keeps programs like clubs, music, athletics and faculty professional development. In short: An Independent School cannot reach its potential without the generosity of its parents, faculty, staff, and – perhaps most importantly – its alumni.


So today, find a non-profit organization or charity that has impacted you and the way you see the world and support them. They need every dollar to ensure that your experience is recreated for generations to come.

Who I support on #GivingTuesday

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